Below are projects that STUDIO SITEC has recently completed.

The Hof van Thorbecke, Mixed housing project, Zwolle, The NetherlandsUrban Design, Architecture

The Hof van Thorbecke, an urban design project of 24 apartments and two houses in Zwolle, The Netherlands, is situated on a prime location along the Thorbeckegracht canal, Friesewal and Kanonsteeg.

The strength of the fabric and the mix of architecture from different centuries is an important characteristic of Dutch historical inner cities.

The Urban plan creates a natural connection between the Kraanbolwerk development and the historical city fabric.

STUDIO SITEC is a strong advocate of the preservation of this fabric. But, at the same time, we work with modern contextual architecture to maintain the dynamics of these inner cities.

Where the original fabric is lost, a careful reconstruction is advised; and where there is no historical fabric, a careful contextual insert is supplied. The latter is the basic idea for our urban insert in this specific location.

Around a newly created square, we are developing three different architectural buildings. Each has its own style and this creates a family of objects around the square: different but still related.

This style is also developed on the outer boundaries of the plan to create contextual architecture, both in architecture and building program. The existing monument building remains intact and has been incorporated into a plan which honors the historicity of the building and its surroundings

Bulthaup Kitchen Studio, The Netherlands – Architecture and Interior