House H is a private house of 540m2 interior space with an exterior swimming pool and pool house. The site of the house is a beautiful free lot of around 2,800m2 in the rural area of Overijssel province, The Netherlands. On-site works are underway.

House P is situated on the outskirts of the city of Zwolle, The Netherlands. The house is nicely situated along a small river and has a beautiful view of the Dutch landscape.

House S is a holiday house situated in an open spot of the Overijssel forests, The Netherlands.

House W is built on the site of a former Grade 1 monument that had burned down. We decided to re-create the contour of the object as a homage to the monument and, at the same time, create a modern and contemporary house for our clients.

Published in architecture magazine, Huis en Interieur. Publication 02, 2018, Eigen Huis en Interieur ( HOUSE and Interior) Dutch Magazine.

House B is an extension and renovation of a 1930’s house. The new element creates a new fa├žade onto the historical canal which surrounds the historical city center of Zwolle, The Netherlands.

House Wichers, in the historical city of Zwolle, is a combination 18th-century Dutch canal house and newly built canal house. The architectural rhythm of the new house fits within the rhythm of the existing architecture and urban structure. The details are modern.

House Bartels, Zwolle, The Netherlands

House Bartels is built on one of the 16th century defense-structures that are extensions to the medieval inner-city of Zwolle. The lot had been in the family for more than a century, and the clients, who were living on the other side of the canal at the time, wanted a sunny house, a south-facing garden and the option of mooring their own little boat in front of the house.

House E is a combination of a family home (a renovated and modernized 19th-century villa) and a newly-built home for the grandparents. The latter is on one level and is fully equipped for seniors. This three-generation living combination is a modern development on the old concept of children taking care of their parents in an informal care setting.