Dear All,

Welcome to STUDIO SITEC‘s blog! Here, you’ll be able to read about what we offer, our projects past and present, and the many possible ways we can collaborate. We’ll also be sharing for your enjoyment the things that have inspired us across the fields of architecture, urban design and interiors.

We hope that this message finds you well. The last few years have certainly been full of challenges which have changed the way we work and have tested our resilience. In 2021, STUDIO SITEC took a step back: we reassessed our goals and refocused on our philosophy and objectives.

Having done so, we look forward to a newly energized 2022 in which we work closely with our clients on meaningful and profitable projects in Asia and The Netherlands.

Best wishes,


Bert Bulthuis, Founder & Principal Architect, STUDIO SITEC

my direct numbers (also WhatsApp)  : + 31 (0)653793952 or +852 62897012